The Office of the Vice President for Planning Research and Extension


Brief History of the SSU Research and Extension Office:

The Research and Development Office was established in 1982 during the conversion of the school into state college. It was then headed by Dr. Pedro D. Destura, followed by Prof. Alejandro Cananua, Dr. Tersito Aliposa, Dr. Cosette Oliva, Dr. Marilyn D. Cardoso, Dr. Felisa E. Gomba and recently by Dr. Ronald L. Orale. On the other hand, the Extension Services was established in 1987 and was headed by Dr. Rizalina M. Urbiztondo. After the appointment of Dr. urbiztondo as Dean of Graduate Studies, the Extension services was headed by Mr. Benito A. Gabiana, which was followed by Dr. Manuel Llego. From 1982 to 1999, the research and development services focused on R&D capability building, while the extension services focused on skills training and capability building in the serviced area of SSPC.

Shortly after the institution was converted from SSPC into SSU, the Office of the Vice-President for Planning, Research and Extension was established in January 2005. Dr. Felisa E. Gomba was designated as the first Vice-President for Planning, Research and Extension (VP-PRE). When the third SSU president was elected, a new set of officials were installed and Dr. Ronald L. Orale was appointed as the VP for PRE and the former was appointed as the new VP of Academic Affairs.

In 2012, the three centers were created to focus its research and extension undertakings on marine resources, S&T and engineering and socio-cultural studies. Lately, the research centers were renamed into the; Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development (CFARRD); Center for Engineering, Science and Technology Innovations (CESTI); and the Research Center for Culture and Social Issues (RCCSI) and has received enhanced support under the new administration of Dr. Cardoso. Other services of the PRE office which were established previously includes Gender and Development (GAD), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Management of Information System (MIS), Technology Licensing and Innovation Support Office (TLISO) and the Planning Office.