The Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Research and Development


The Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Research and Development (CFARRD) was formerly named as the Marine Resources and Research Institute which was created through BOR Resolution No. 28, S. 2012 and later was renamed to CFARRD through the BOR Resolution No. 15, series of 2016.

What are the vision and mission of the Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development?


A leading center for fisheries and aquatic resources research and development in the Eastern Visayan Region

CFARRD Mission

 The center shall provide excellent services and goods along fisheries and aquatic resources for the well-being of the people of Samar.

What is the importance of the SSU-Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development?

The province of Samar is in dire condition due to its poor environmental and socio-economic status, though there are available resources and technology that can be exploited to address such challenge.  The institutionalization of the Samar State University Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development creates new opportunities for tomorrow’s socio-economic and environmental growth and development of the province in particular, the region and the country in general.

What are the goals and objectives of the Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development? 


  1. To contribute science based knowledge and integrate local knowledge for an enhanced policy environment and good governance of fisheries and aquatic resources for conservation, sustainable management and development for food security, poverty reduction, increased income.
  2. To provide excellent technical assistance and innovation in improving the health status of the ecological well-being and human well-being;
  1. To develop cost- effective, socially-acceptable, environment- friendly and disaster-resilient fisheries technologies among  stakeholders for sustainable livelihood;

Our Objectives

  1. To undertake research programs and projects in fisheries and aquatic resources that shall generate new scientific knowledge, better products, new processes and approaches, and for policy and decision making.
  2. To disseminate information based on challenges and opportunities along technology, environment and socio-economic resources in Samar Province;
  1. To develop technologies on aquaculture, fishing, fish processing technologies for sustainable livelihood of the stakeholders;
  1. To collaborate and synergize with international, national agencies and other research institutions in the region and local government units for biodiversity conservation, sustainable management and development of fisheries and aquatic resources.
  2. To forge partnership with the civil society, non-governmental organizations, peoples’ organizations and other stakeholders on fisheries and aquatic resources conservation, sustainable management and development.


The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) shall serve as the strategic development framework for research programs and the Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Development Framework for extension services.

Our Research and Development Programs

The SSU-CFARRD shall implement two interrelated and interdependent sub-programs composed of Research and Development/Extension. The programs shall develop its manpower (i. e. multidisciplinary in nature) facilities, program, and linkages.

Program Components

The SSU-Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development component shall focus on the following programs;

  1. Fisheries and Aquatic Resources System
  • Fisheries System
    • Appropriate Fishing Technology
    • Sustainable Aquaculture Technology
    • Fish Processing and Post-Harvest Technology
    • Fisheries Resource Management
  1. Aquatic Resource System
  • Marine Fishery Resources
    • Pelagic Fishery Resources
    • Demersal Fishery Resources
    • Reef-Fish Fishery Resources
    • Intertidal and Littoral Fishery Resources
    • Oceanic Fishery Resources
  • Marine Invertebrate Fishery Resources
    • Prawn/Shrimp Fishery Resources
    • Crab Fishery Resources
    • Shellfish Fishery Resources
  • Cephalopod Fishery Resources
  • Sea Cucumber Fishery Resources
  • Seaweeds Fishery Resources
  • Inland Water Fishery Resources
  1. Environment Management System
  • Communities and Coastal Habitats
  • Plankton and Plankton Communities
  • Sea Grass Communities
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Coral reef

Major Research & Development Programs

  1. Mussel “tahong” (Perna viridis)
  2. Oyster “talaba” (Crassostrea iredalei)
  3. Small rock oyster “sisi” (Saccostrea cucullata)
  4. Venus clam “mayahini” (Paphia undulate)
  5. Freshwater clam “bebe” (Batissa violacea)
  6. Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus)
  7. Prawns and Shrimps (Penaeidae)
  8. Samar Commercially Valuable Marine Fish Species:
    • Common whiting “asu-os”
    • Threadfin breams “sagisi-on”
    • Groupers “tingag”
    • Mackerels “hasahasa” “aguma-a” “buraw”
    • Sardines “tamban” “hawol-hawol”
    • Round Scad “galunggong”

What are the desired core values of the researchers and community extension service providers? 

Core Values

In order for the Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Research and Development (SSU-CFARRD) to attain the desired goals and objectives, the involve parties should hold and manifest the following values:

  • Customer Focus
  • Self-awareness
  • Ingenuity
  • Love
  • Heroism
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Learning and Innovation
  • Resource Stewardship
  • Commitment and Dedication


For more information, please contact:

Director, CFARRD
Samar State University
Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines
Telephone No. (055) 251-3424
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