Eleven coaches, forty-four participants met the 4:30am cold breeze of November 9 (16) at SSU quadrangle for an approximately 4 hours travel to join the 8th Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUCs) Regional Culture and the Arts Festival (RCAF) at Naval State University (NSU), Biliran Southern Leyte.


      NSU hosted 10 PASUCs all over Region 8 “to promote the culture and the arts” and “bring about strong camaraderie among these SUCs” said the SSU Cultural Coordinator Mr. Anecito Sultan who represented the University in tackling concerns regarding the different competitions in the evening, Wednesday.

‘Brought the bacon home’

     After the pressure and excitement, the judges irrevocably consolidated the results and SSU emerged first in Extemporaneous and Radio Drama while 3rd in Dagliang Talumpati.

     “It was a humbling experience kasi mga dati an contestants (It was a humbling experience because the contestants are good). First time ko pagsulod ha room, na intimidate ako kay nag-english hira ako diri (First time I entered into the room, I felt intimidated because I was not speaking in English while they were,)” said Jeff Harold Uy.

     “But I think of the competition as an enjoyable one, that God is with me nga kun ano an may ada ako ighahatag ko kan God (But I think of the competition as an enjoyable one, that God is with me, that whatever I have, I am offering it to God) especially representing SSU” he added.

     Jeff Harold D. Uy, a 4th year Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in English from the College of Education, topped 1st among other 9 extemporaneous contestants.

     “…knowing that my teacher and coaches supported me, I know I have something to show to the world. This was a worthwhile experience,” he concluded the interview with a grateful heart especially to his coach, Inst. Arianne Rose M. Tafalla from the College of Arts and Sciences.

     While Czarmyn B. Niedo, Kimbely G. Balibalita, Marlon L. Jabonero, Hazel Joy B. Anciano all BSEd 3 English major students and Jeff Harold Uy again bested 8 SUCs in Radio Drama for their realistically millennial airing of “Medalya (Medal)” script written by them and coached by Inst. Joan Baclay from the College of Education.

     “Medalya is about a girl named Julie Altre who has it all: beauty, fame, intelligence, and money. But fate changed everything when she met Mark Mara who took advantage of her goodness,” Czarmyn Niedo the technical director explained in condensed points.

     November 10 (16) closed with another good news for SSU placing 3rd in Dagliang Talumpati. “Happy akoPero ginkulba ako kay an usa defending champion, an usa first place dati (I am happy… But it was nerve racking because one of the contestants was the defending champion and the other was the first place winner). It’s a fulfillment nga nakasulod ha top 3 (It’s a fulfillment being in the top 3,)” said Kenneth Royon.

     Kenneth is a 3rd year BSEd  English major student major with double listing in PASUC VIII RCAF and luckily emerged 3rd in Dagliang Talumpati with his coach Inst. Art Roncesvalles from the College of Education.

     SSU also contended in Folk Dance, Hip Hop, Pop Solo and Duet, Short and Sweet Play, Storytelling, Pagkukwento, On-the-spot Painting, Pencil Rendering and ranked 4th in the overall PASUC VIII RCAF standing.

Impressed with a purpose

     “Ha radio drama medyo mayda kit advantage kay mayda kit Radio FM Station in the University and syempre mag upay talaga an aton contestants and nakita naton even during our local competition, in terms of ability to win may ada kita chance (In radio drama, we had an advantage because we have our Radio FM Station in the University and of course our contestants are very good and we saw even during our local competition, in terms of ability to win we have a chance),” the Cultural Arts, Sports and Physical Education Development (CASPED) director Randy E. Pacadaljen said.

     He added, “in extemporaneous, an aton mga coaches mga dati liwat and of course an aton mga estudyante very competitive liwat (In extemporaneous, our coaches are knowledgeable and of course our students are also very competitive.)”

     PASUC RCAF is a yearly event “that is an integral part of the educational program in as far as building student leaders is concerned; it is an enhancement of skills of students and promotion of our culture,” Pacadaljen personally shared his thoughts on its purpose and he is looking forward for all disciplines to be well represented next year. He also specified preparation to start by the onset of the next school year in the formulation of line up and coaches, for their schedules and practice.

     Pacadaljen wills to speak to the Dean of Students Development and Related Services Engr. Ma. Lourdes Amante for a victory party.



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