Disney and Broadway conquer SSU

      Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, Tangled, Grease and an Adaptation of the West Side Story brought the audience into the realm of every character, Monday October 24 (16) in plays produced by the 4th Year BEEd/ BSTE and 3rd Year BSEd students of the College of Education.

Insts. Joan Baclay and Janet Padilla backed-up in the mentoring of the amusing performances during the culminating activity in the world of fantasy and broadway at Samar State University, Maceda gymnasium.

Spectators filled the jam-packed gymnasium with deafening applause of awe all throughout the evening until the announcement of winners.

‘Winner takes it all’

     Aladdin bagged best musical editing, best costume design and best actor. Jafar won the best supporting male role and best director and championed in the Disney play production category while Tangled garnered best actress, best supporting female role and best Disney story portrayal. Pocahontas beat the rest for best stage design and Grease brought home the best costume design.

The judges also recognized exemplary performances of students to boost their morale and confidence as soon-to-be 21st Century Teachers.

Disney and Broadway Conquer SSU

(Photo by Joan Baclay)

Ending the semester with a bang

“Those were master pieces, labors of love by the students. That was a refreshing experience,” said Dr. Nora Lopez, Associate Dean of the College of Education and one of the judges during the culminating activity.

Czarmyn Niedo technical director of the Adaptation of West Wide Story wont forget this semester for all its busy schedule from encoding in the morning to play production rehearsals in the evening.

Niedo’s group bagged special awards in best stage design, best musical editing, best actor, best actress, best supporting role and best director. Their group brought home the best broadway play production major award.

“All presentations bring me to real setting of a play. Astig ang lahat (Everything was over the top). Congrats Team Aladdin and Tangled,” said Duran Arielyn Viojan in her  social media post.

The actors and actresses of the production felt as though “nothing is comparable to their experience being on stage and able to produce a play; it is worth the effort especially for some who are first-time performers on stage.”

Disney and Broadway Conquer SSU

(Photo by Joan Baclay)

The culmination was a requirement for both minor and major subjects Speech and Play Production and World Literature for the 4th Year BEEd students and Speech and Stage Arts and Teaching of Literature for 3rd Year BSED English Majors.

This requirement is aligned and in compliance with the Commission on Higher Education’s Outcomes-Based Education instruction for all SUCs.

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