University Radio

University Radio


To reach the communities along countryside within Samar area and help improve their lives through educational radio programs anchored with the vision and mission of the University.


To extend the University’s services that will help contribute to the development of Samar as a transformative university committed to technology, innovation and service excellence- carrying the tagline: “Kaupod ha Pag-uswag” (Partner Towards Development).z


  • To ensure full and sustained understanding of the university’s commitment to its vision, mission and goals through the different programs of the different colleges and offices upholding the four core values: leadership, discipline, excellence and service.
  • To produce more advocates who are fully informed of the university’s role as an academic institution focusing on instruction, research and extension services to help improve lives in the countryside.
  • To help promote local, national and international advocacies for the general welfare of the community through strategic educational radio core programs.

To obtain, maintain and/or increase support to the local government unit as partner towards development.

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DYSY 102.9 University Radio Core Programs

 DYSY 102.9 University Radio Core Programs

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Regular Daily:

* Sign ON (Prayer, National Anthem, SSU Hymn, DYSY Information e.g. License)

* Monthly Music Format

* Prayer during Lunch Time

* Updates, Trivia, and Reminders

* SSU Vision Stinger (every after songs)

* DYSY Tagline “Kaupod ha Pag-Uswag” (every after Vision Stinger)

* Sign OFF (SSU March, Prayer, DYSY information and signing off message, National Anthem)

Note: *DYSY is also guided by the Code of Ethics on broadcasting set by the Kapisanan Ng Mga Brodkaster Ng Pilipinas (KBP).

     *DYSY has an active FB Page and DYSY FB account (DYSY SSU)