SSU March & Hym

SSU March
Music: Miriam D. Casurao
Lyrics: Norma A. Ricafort

Let us sing a song of gladness
To our Alma Mater raise
Come ye classmates, friends and comrades
Let her glory be our praise.
May her lasting light be our guide
As we leave her portals wide
“SSU Long Live Ever!”
In our hearts dwells this refrain

Fate may lead us to our destiny
Of success or adversity
Yet to thy name we give our loyalty
Alma Mater, hail to thee.

In the ivy halls of learning
Fount of wisdom thou has been
Shaping lives for home and country
For our nation great and free.
Sing we of her fame and honor
Cary we her banner high
On and on we march to victory
Proud and bold forever more.

SSU our beloved school
We will cherish your name for aye
With greatful hearts thy children loudly cry
SSU Mabuhay!

SSU Hymn
Music: Miriam D. Casurao
Lyrics: Pet S. Labro

O Samar State University
You clothe us with your light
With your arms ever outstreched
Hope is within our sight.

O Samar State University
Refuge of dreams in flight
Upon your brow O so benign
The brighter morns delight

And as we cross the threshold
Towards a brighter day
Your beacon keeps on burning
To guide us on our way

O Samar State University
Your name is in our hearts
So today we rejoice and sing
Our gratitude, loyalty and love.