OJT Guidelines


ORDER (CMO) NO. 23, S. OF 2009



  1. The student –trainee must be officially enrolled in the program he /she is pursuing in the current school year in Samar State University.
  2. He/she must be at least 18 years or above.
  3. He/she is in good academic standing and passed all prerequisite subjects.
  4. The student-trainee shall be physically, mentally and emotionally fit as contained in the physical /psychological examinations of government hospitals.
  5. He/she is articulate in the language used by the Host Training Establishments (HTE) industry
  6. He/she has consent from his/her parents/guardian.
  7. He/she has complied academic requirements prescribed by the Curriculum he/she is pursuing.
  8. The student-trainee is required to attend the OJT Orientation Program of the University.
  9. The student-trainee must possess good moral values and attitude towards his works and his /her immediate environment.
  10. The student-trainee must obey the policies, rules and regulations of Host Training Establishment/Industry.
  11. The students-trainee must finish his/her On-the-Training on the prescribed period or duration of his/her training.
  12. The OJT program of the University is a Pre-requisite subject for his/her graduation.
  13. The student-trainee must submit his/her certificate for the completion of his/her training, dully accomplished  evaluation or rating sheet, OJT narrative Report and other information/documents which may be included for purposes  of describing student’s performances.
  14. Students-trainee with incomplete number of hours rendered during his/her training in Host Training Establishments (HTE) /industry is required to complete his/her unfinished total number of hours stated in the curriculum provided that he/she is officially enrolled in the succeeding school year.
  15. Placement of OJT for student-trainee will be accredited by the University.
  16. Accreditation of work experiences of student-trainee relative to their On-the-Job Training is necessary.



     GIL O. AMOYAN, Ph.D.
Director, ILDSO/OJT Coordinator