The Center for Engineering, Technology and Innovation Research will pushed the boundaries of knowledge across a broad spectrum of technology fields/programs offered by the University in different Colleges and Campuses while transferring a continuous stream of cutting-edge technologies to the University direct clientele. In the process, the center will streamline the engineering, technology and related researches of the University personnel for better management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. In other words, the center will promote partnership among researchers in different disciplines/programs and between its community and industry as well. The research focus is on integrated engineered systems and produce technological innovation that strengthen the competitive position of the University.


Anchored to the vision of the University, the center is envisioned to cater the research needs of the different colleges and curricular program of the University along engineering and technology innovation. It aims to make significant contributions to the growing scientific knowledge in engineering and technology of the eastern Visayas region and the global community in general.


The research center shall engage in experimental research and modeling of industrial systems and development innovative processes and products that shall lead to utilization of sustainable technologies. It shall facilitate the effective transfer of these technologies. It shall facilitate the effective transfer of these technologies from the academic units of the university to industry and society in the pursuit of sustainable development


The center shall support the educational programs of the University as being delivered by each Colleges and Campuses which aims to develop high quality researchers and research outputs, generate and transfer high-end technology for enhancing productivity and quality of life to reduce poverty end ensure sustainable development in the province and the nation in general. Specifically, this is guided by the following objectives:

  1. To enhance the productivity of faculty members and students in the different Colleges and Campuses by carrying out research along engineering, technology and innovation for the implementation of practical and effective solutions for the community and the industry.
  2. Strengthen the SSU participation/collaboration in major local, regional, national and international research programs and projects in engineering and technology.
  3. Intensify patent application/registration and technology transfer of research outputs and projects.
  4. Foster innovative studies that integrate engineering, technology and innovation with other study programs/disciplines of the University
  5. Continue to improve research governance practices.


The center for engineering, technology and innovation research promotes the University technological innovation strategies. These programs are as follows:

  • Food Innovation Programs (food for emergencies & calamities; local delicacies value adding/enhancement projects;  New food product development)
  • Embedded Systems (process automation; monitoring system; embedded system applications)
  • Renewable Energy ( Hybrid Design; Renewable Energy Generation &Transmission Mgt.; Renewable Energy Resource Assessment/Evaluation)
  • Civil & Environmental Management Program (Waste Generation, Disposal & Mgt.; Environment Rehabilitation Projects; Environmental Management Technologies; Environmentally Resilient Infrastructure Project
  • Process Mechanization and Indigenous Technology Enhancement ( Fishery Technologies; Agri-Industry Technologies; MSMEs Technology Processes)
  • Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (Geohazard Risk, Water Resource Assessment & Management; Climate Resilient Agriculture; Urban/Rural Planning; Ecological Systems)

 Be a member researcher…

And avail the

following benefits…

Be mentored by experts in the field.

Senior members of the center will mentor you (research neophytes and students) to enhance your research, development and extension skills. They will guide you how to maximize the benefits of excelling in R&D/E

Senior and Associate Members of the center can serve as advisor of students who are conducting researchers/thesis/dissertation aligned to center programs.

Scholarships (PhD/Masters)

The center can nominate personnel who can be sent for further studies on courses of relevance to the centers programs.

Attendance to In-House Trainings

The center will regularly conduct in-house trainings to capacitate its members on the conduct of research development and extension. It will also recommend members of the center to the SSU management attendance to off-campus trainings/workshop, exposure tours and other learning strategies.

Access to research funds

Members of he center are the priority personnel for  institutional funding for their RDE iniatives. For externally funded projects, members of the center will have the chance or an opportunity to be a co-researcher or a research staff.

The CESTI is calling for research Proposals due on September 3, 2016 for the 2017 University-Wide In-House Review for funding. All submitted papers must be within the priority research programs of the Center.



Research Center Director
Phone No. : (055) 251- 3424