SSU wins via unanimous decision

Ms. Labid (at the center) with the evaluators and co-presenters.

Ms. Labid (at the center) with the evaluators and co-presenters.

The Visayas-Mindanao Consortium for Journal Publication, Inc. (VMCJP) declared Ms. Ms. Sherrie Ann C. Labid best paper via unanimous decision among four highly proficient panel of evaluators, Friday December 9 (16) at Leyte Normal University (LNU) House, Tacloban City.

“She is an international paper presenter caliber,” Mr. Ramil Uy, one of the judges and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Senior Science Research Specialist, testified.

Asked if she expected the award, “No! Definitely, diri (not).” She also added that other papers presented were really good.

A Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector Model to Analyze Antenatal Care Utilization in the Philippines was her winning paper relative to this year’s theme “Responding to the Internationalization of Research through Methodological Advances.”

Receiving the best paper award among the seven presenters from the different universities and colleges during the Visayas Paper Presentation on Methodological Advances in Research makes her happy and praises God for it and thanking God and SSU for its unwavering support when it comes to research is what’s in her mind upon receiving the award.

She said that it was for the love of SSU that she pushed herself to limits so she can write the paper amidst time constraints and multi-roles she does as an employee of SSU.

As the director for Research Center for Culture and Social Issues (RCCSI) of Samar State University (SSU), Ms. Sherrie Ann C. Labid encourages faculty researchers to do research using the Advanced Research Methodologies. “That’s the trend in the international arena,” she egged on.

“…to have the focus and interest (in research) and the desire to give a good name to the university.” And she hopes that they (faculty) will be supportive to research and know the importance of doing research in their professions.

Other competing papers carry the following titles: Socio-Environmental Agent-Based Simulation on the Livability of Two Mega Cities by Juvyneil E. Cartel and Wilfren A. Clutario from Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU), On the Spread of Substance Abuse Among Stakeholders by Amelita M. Sari of EVSU-Carigara Campus, Netlogo Simulation on the Spread of Computer Literacy by Ma. Erenita V. Bahain from EVSU-Ormoc and Amelita M. SARI of EVSU-Carigara, Reliability and Validity of the Modified Fennema-Sherman Attitude Scale Towards Mathematics by Michael Jun M. Ponciano from Leyte Normal University (LNU), Mobile Phone as a Tool in Mathematics Remedial Instruction of Selected High School Students: A Logistic Regression Analysis by Sheena A. Silao from Visayas State University and Michael Jun M. Ponciano from LNU, and Adoption of the Dreem Instrument to Assess the Education Environment of a Student Teaching Program by Josephine C. Pelingon from LNU. All the papers presented will be published in the LNU research journals.

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